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Kids of the slum

Kids of the slum

Taken in Eldoret, Kenya


Clap if you believe in fairies

Clap if you believe in fairies

Safe place

Safe place

There is nothing more photogenic than red door. And if I am exaggerating, it’s only a little!

Long shadows on a short day

Long shadows on a short day

Consider this a companion shot to the one below. I liked the shadows and how the colors were muted by the backlight. I only wish I could have taken a closer shot of a woman with a dog – she was quite a character.

I have to start somewhere

I have to start somewhere

I have to start somewhere. With a picture, of course. After all this is all about pictures. And I have to figure out how to post stuff. This was taken on my recent trip to Geneva, using Hipstamatic app. Shooting into the sun always produces unexpected results. I like the way iPhone 5 handles it. No more ugly red “petals” around the sun as it used to be with older models! Yay.