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Endangered species

Endangered species

In USA pay phones are practically non-existent by now, but in Switzerland they look like they are determined to survive. They even evolved into something almost cool looking…


Bathroom for beautiful people

Bathroom for beautiful people

Indira Gandhi airport in Delhi. I liked how they have these huge glamourous portraits marking men’s and women’s bathrooms. First, they sure are hard to miss. And more important, they make you feel like no matter how dusty and grumpy you are when you enter the bathroom, you will come out looking like a princess. Or a prince.

Steamy blues

Steamy blues

This is Yellowstone in September. I took a a couple of thousands pictures there with my Nikon and almost as many with an iPhone. I am still reluctant to go completely mobile and leave my big camera at home when I travel, but I am getting there. Maybe.

I have to start somewhere

I have to start somewhere

I have to start somewhere. With a picture, of course. After all this is all about pictures. And I have to figure out how to post stuff. This was taken on my recent trip to Geneva, using Hipstamatic app. Shooting into the sun always produces unexpected results. I like the way iPhone 5 handles it. No more ugly red “petals” around the sun as it used to be with older models! Yay.